Reasons Why Women Leave Relationships

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The healing connection: How women form relationships in therapy and in life

    In the connection of healing, Jean Baker Miller, MD, author of best-selling book Toward a New Psychology of Women, and Irene Stiver, Ph.D., argue that relationships are an integral source of psychological health. Thus offer a new understanding of human development that points a way to change all our institutions, work, community, school and family, and is sure to transform lives.

    The Healing Connection: How Women Form Relationships in Therapy and in Life

    For many men could be really daunting to understand why a woman would leave a relationship. Occasionally a woman may leave a man for no apparent reason, but in reality it is rare that a woman leaves a relationship without a serious reason to so.

    A woman can stop a man for several reasons, but then let’s talk a little more in two of the main reasons that largely account for why women leave the relationship and these are the issues of neglect or emotional neglect and lack of

    Women satisfaction.

    Neglect or abandonment often complain that men in her life just cease to be the active participant who used to be in the relationship and tend to pay more attention to the things that most women hold are trivial compared with the roles they play in the relationship. t_1

    When a woman begins to feel that your spouse has begun to take for granted in her small things and no longer pays attention or caring for their views on issues relating to the relationship, she begins to think about why they cling to it. When a man does not do the things you used to do for his wife without any justifiable reason given to her by her actions, this creates a problem for women and their mind at this time could have given up after a long time relationship.

    Most abandoned, most women just hang around hoping that she might draw your attention, I do listen to it and probably a change of attitude in the way the question. However, this is not always so, as most men never realize this and simply forget their deaths only statistically intention.

    Therefore neglect can be said to represent nearly all the reasons why women leave the relationship and therefore saying that women will leave men when

    Due neglected.

    Lack of emotional satisfaction to the way nature has cable women differently from men, to think and reason a little different. Testosterone is the dominant hormone that makes people act and think about making aggressive male and sexually stimulated by sight. hormone estrogen in women domineering rather act as women who are causing to want attention, kind gestures, ie affection pleasant greetings and things like flowers. These hormonal differences in composition than men to be cold and calculating, while women tend to be warm and emotional.

    The lack of understanding of this natural phenomenon can cause a lot of resentment in a relationship. Men tend to think that when a woman is sexually involved with them that women are emotionally in tune with them. This is not always the case because it is not sex that makes the ideal relationship for regret that plays a role in it, is that your emotional needs is generally considered to paramount.


    The for communication in a relationship is most important emotional need that a woman needs to be fulfilled in a relationship. She needs a man to listen to it wholeheartedly, the value of the entry into discussions.

    Also men consider their partner’s feelings and opinions in making decisions to create an atmosphere of understanding, emotional bonding, intimacy and romantic love and so effectively to meet your partner emotionally needs.

    Having Great expectations unrealistic, but the irony

    No matter you may think it is, a lot of women still dream of her “Prince Charming” and “Happy history-after “when it comes to the relationship. I still dream of these expectations of a fairy tale in its relationships.

    When a woman with these ideals that are nowhere near real life to the demands of her man, definitely have problems in that relationship and most of them would be impossible for man to live. The best thing a man can do in a situation like this is to try and understand exactly what their expectations are and attempting to try to meet with friends and family her.


    Although this may sound a bit trivial, it is a fact that large number of women without personal conviction about their place in a relationship can easily succumb to peer pressure or family. However unfair it may seem, this is often the case when she can not make your friends or family members as her husband. Save your love is strong character and is deeply attracted to the man, the manipulation of their peer group and family can become unbearable for her so she could leave the relationship.

    Lack of Attraction

    To be fair here, Like men contemplating leaving a relationship where the attraction between the partners no longer exists, if a woman could be tempted to leave a relationship that has become more of a task fun.

    A man is all we can to accommodate his wife, without adding any spontaneity form for the risk of losing the attraction she feels for his wife, and that these acts of some become trivial and uninteresting. A man must find ways to bring variety to the relationship and have a sense of confidence, direction and strength to carry the relationship on the right direction.

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